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How to Run a Successful Computer Training Business from Home or Office
by Marnie Pehrson
Publisher: CES Business Consultants
Price: $ 29.95
Dimensions: 8.5x11
Type: Ebook/Ecourse
Estimated Delivery: Within 24 hours.

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This is an ecourse which includes a 50-page Adobe Acrobat file plus a zipped file which includes flyers, sales letters, course outlines, brochure, contract, etc to use in your computer training business. Author ran a computer training business from her home for about 6 years before she branched out into consulting, programming and internet development.


How to Run a Successful Computer Training Business

About This Book

This book is a compilation of all the things that I have learned about the training business that I wish I had known when I started it. It is a step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to run a part or full-time training business from their home. You won’t get rich overnight, but if you want to start out in your own business immediately making $260-$390 a week by working only 16-24 hours per week, you’ll be glad you bought this book.

The disk included with the book contains advertisements, brochures, and letters ready for you to customize and use in your new business. They are all saved in RTF format, and of course, are importable by any program that knows how to read standard RTF files. All you have to do is insert your company address and print them.

Two types of training businesses are described in this book -- training from your home, and training at the customer’s location. Each type of business warrants different marketing methods, equipment, and fee structures. These will be discussed in detail.

Start-up Needs

Most likely there will be few start-up costs for the average individual taking this course, because you probably have a computer and some software. Assuming you do not have a computer or any software, these are the things you’ll need.


This course does not attempt to teach you about computers or software. It will be assumed that you have this knowledge and background if you are attempting a training business. You should be proficient, or willing to take the time and effort to become proficient in all aspects of the software you plan to teach. When I started, I had a basic knowledge of WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, dBASE, and Rbase from college and previous work experience. I realized when I started to teach, that I did not know a tenth of the power of WordPerfect. I made myself go through the tutorial. I did not skip a step. Over the years, I have taught myself many software packages including the Microsoft Office series, PageMaker, scanner software, and others.

You should like to work with people and have the patience to teach. You must really want the person to learn, and be willing to work with them until they do. It is a wonderful feeling to take someone who knows very little about computers, and then to see the joy and excitement in them as they learn from you. On the other hand, it is a horrible feeling to take someone’s money and have them go away feeling disappointed and knowing very little.


You will want to teach Windows packages. To effectively run Windows programs you need at least a Pentium with 64+ Meg of Ram and a hard drive big enough for all the programs you intend to teach. If you have a Macintosh, then you will need a model able to run the most popular Macintosh software. You'll also want at least a fax modem for faxing or emailing people course outlines, and teaching classes about the Internet and the World Wide Web.

You will also need a printer of some kind for correspondence and sales literature. A good Deskjet, inkjet or laser printer will be fine for printing your sales literature and course materials.


You will also need the software you plan to teach. Look through the local help wanted ads for the different programs that are required of job seekers. At first, pick two or three of these programs to purchase and learn.

For example, in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area common software requested of job applicants include: MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Lotus Notes, Quicken and QuickBooks.

There are different techniques for saving on computer software.

  1. Never pay retail for software. No one pays retail.
  2. Shop around for the best price. Check your local wholesale club or discount software store. Look in mail order catalogs.
  3. If you are in college, you can get software at a significant discount. For example, while I was still in college I bought WordPerfect for $110 versus the usual $269 street price.
  4. Keep your eye out for competitive upgrades. For example, if you have a program like MS Publisher, you may be able to purchase a competitive upgrade for PageMaker at a reduced rate.
  5. Sometimes you can purchase a previous version of a program for a significant discount. Some older versions are not different enough to matter, or the job market may not have upgraded yet. So you can save by purchasing a slightly older version. Then when you need the most current version, you can always upgrade at a more reasonable price.

Office Supplies

About the only office supplies you’ll need will be computer paper, stapler, paper clips, stamps, and a receipt book. These items are inexpensive, and you probably have most of them already. You may also need a computer desk if you do not already have one. These can be purchased for under $100 at your local K-Mart or Wal*Mart store.

Other items you will need to have will be business cards and possibly letterheads and envelopes. I have a laser printer, and print my letterhead and envelopes as I print the letters. They look professional, but I do not have to pay a large sum of money for them. You may be able to print your own business cards by using a laser printer and special business card paper that is available from many office supply stores such as Office Max. Make sure the logos you place on your business cards, letterheads, and envelopes match. You do not want different logos on different materials.

Legal Issues

You will need to decide whether to use a company name or your own name to operate your business. A company name may seem more professional, but many computer consultants operate under their own name. Using your own name can save you money on expensive business banking service charges and checks. If you decide to use a business name, you will need to file a DBA (Doing Business As) with your local courthouse. Check with them about how much revenues you must earn to require a business license. Once you start making over this amount, you will need to apply for a business license. When I lived in Chattanooga, Tennessee, my annual business license was $20 per year. In the county of Georgia in which I live, there is no license required, amazingly enough. Each area of the country is different, so you'll want to check with your local county courthouse.

Do not bother getting a business telephone line until you are really underway. It is significantly more expensive than your regular household service. Usually, you will get a free listing in the yellow pages with a business line, so that is good. Find out when your next phone book will be released and wait to get a business line until right before the deadline for the publication. There is no use paying for a business phone until you can be listed in the phone book.


Use a contract. Some people think that just because you are in your home, you are not a legitimate business person. Some people will try to run over you. They will not show up or be late or think they can avoid paying for training received. Always get your money up-front so that you are not taken in that way.

Here is a sample contract that I have used in the past. Read over it with them and have the person fill it out and sign it at the very beginning of their first class. This contract was not prepared by a lawyer, but just having them put pen to paper does wonders for their respect for and confidence in you.

Sample Contract follows in the book.



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